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Maura Ambrose-Folk Fibers

At the beginning of May I went to Austin, TX to meet some of my favorite makers and take two workshop classes with my quilting idol Maura Ambrose. She makes quilts from fabric she dyes naturally. She has the most beautiful colors, making simple and complicated designs timeless, with perfect stitching. I have been quilting for awhile, but kind of haphazardly and more often than not, when I was handquilting I would stitch one stitch at a time, even on queen and king size quilts because I had embroidered for seven years that way… So I wanted to learn how to quilt the right way, multiple stitches and consistent stitch lengths, and making good looking stitches on the back. Also she taught us how to hand bind, which totally changes how I will work because I hated the look of machine binding. I feel really grateful that this trip happened, seeing the beauty of Texas, and getting to meet this sweet amazing woman and see her work.

Check out her website here at  and her instagram where she has lots of photos of her dyeing process, foraging, and works in progress.

I took a few photos of Maura, her husband Chap, and their little one on the way at their home in Bastrop, Texas.

MAKERS-Alice Saunders-Forestbound

I just got to meet Alice Saunders. She has a brand of bags called Forestbound that she makes in Boston, MA. She finds vintage textiles and repurposes them. Army bags, work aprons, seed bags, etc. mostly found and salvaged from the northeast. I am in love with old fonts and old textiles, recycling, repairing, and preserving things so I have been telling people about her work for over a year. And her dog is the sweetest dog I have met in a long time! Not joking, I wish I could clone her. Visit Alice’s site at or follow her on instagram.








Coney Island – Music Video for Michael Friedrich Misc.

Here’s a video I directed and collaborated to make with a great editor and DP Steve Nolan with modeling and music by Michael Friedrich. HUGE THANKS TO BOTH OF THEM for going along with this crazy idea! I’m lucky to have such creative and inspiring friends who will show up and write music and eat on camera and help me complete an idea. The diaper and underwear washing up at Coney Island is a real thing I have witnessed and we recreated. Hope you like the video too!

Check out Steve’s other videos at

And here’s behind the scenes photos I took that day. Aug 18th, 2013


April 26, 2014 - 5:52 pm agnes - Love the video and the photos Melinda!! So great.

GQ drawings

Just drawing some of my favorite photos from GQ Magazine but had trouble drawing Channing Tatum with all his accessories so drew a random one of him for Magic Mike. The drawing of Zak Efron on the right came out amazing. Hopefully a representative of GQ sees these and says, “Yes, that’s just what we need! Someone to draw our photos of handsome men and draw attention to their awkward bizarre poses and sometimes make them look like hideous monsters.”

Destiny and Michael – Carl Sagan – photos & video!

I photographed Destiny and Michael in Greenpoint, Brooklyn performing a Carl Sagan song in the apartment. I used a reverse sync flash I made in Special Effects class in college and tried to recreate on Destiny, a look my cat Peanut had when I tested out the sync tool in 2001.

I also collaborated with Steve Nolan of Nerd Rage Film to make a video the same day. Check out Steve’s other videos at

Northern Grade x GQ

I had the opportunity March 22nd to photograph a private party for Northern Grade’s vendors to show their lines to GQ Magazine. Northern Grade has been creating little pop up markets across the country to showcase and introduce American-made brands. Find out about them and their next event on their website NORTHERNGRADE.COM or on Facebook or Instagram.

Oh Joseph…

Working on drawings of Joseph Gordon-Levitt so I watched all 6 seasons of Third Rock From the Sun. I remember when this show was on tv when I was in high school and I wanted him to cut his hair. When he finally did I felt vindicated. But what really made me love JGL is when he hosted Saturday Night Live and ran up the wall and backflipped. Before this Third Rock marathon, I drew a few drawings of Don Jon, Lincoln, Hesher, Looper, Premium Rush, Inception, 10 Things I Hate About You, Electra Luxx, and 50/50. Follow me on instagram to see drawings in progress. Ive made so many I’m definitely making a full book similar to my Oh Ryan… The first two drawings below are from his amazing lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Carl Sagan

Destiny and Michael performing at Glasslands.

Dee, Nick, & Tony

Taylor introduced me to some of his friends in Portland, Oregon. Super nice and willing to be photographed shirtless by a stranger on the street. Dee is a jack of all trades, Nick is a professional snowboarder, and Tony works at a fancy restaurant.


Taylor, an artist in Portland, Oregon that I met ten years ago. Draws, photographs, works with leather, and gives occasional misspelled tattoos.