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Maura Ambrose-Folk Fibers

At the beginning of May I went to Austin, TX to meet some of my favorite makers and take two workshop classes with my quilting idol Maura Ambrose. She makes quilts from fabric she dyes naturally. She has the most beautiful colors, making simple and complicated designs timeless, with perfect stitching. I have been quilting for awhile, but kind of haphazardly and more often than not, when I was handquilting I would stitch one stitch at a time, even on queen and king size quilts because I had embroidered for seven years that way… So I wanted to learn how to quilt the right way, multiple stitches and consistent stitch lengths, and making good looking stitches on the back. Also she taught us how to hand bind, which totally changes how I will work because I hated the look of machine binding. I feel really grateful that this trip happened, seeing the beauty of Texas, and getting to meet this sweet amazing woman and see her work.

Check out her website here at  and her instagram where she has lots of photos of her dyeing process, foraging, and works in progress.

I took a few photos of Maura, her husband Chap, and their little one on the way at their home in Bastrop, Texas.

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