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Butte, Montana- Evil Knievel Days

In June, I went on a five day road trip with my grandpa to visit Butte, Montana for Evil Knievel Days. My great grandpa was born in Butte and his father is buried there. We drove from Portland, OR past some of the dams my grandpa’s dad worked on as a timekeeper. When he worked on the Bonneville Dam his wife stayed in a tent with him next to the dam as it was being built. It was her first pregnancy and when she went into labor, they drove to Portland to give birth to my grandpa. The first night we stayed in Missoula, MT. And then stayed in Butte from Thursday to Sunday. The weather on the drive could look like a huge storm one minute and back to sunny and dry the next. Butte is an old mining town with a giant pit they mined copper from until 1982.

Berkeley Pit – Butte, MT

Montana from the car

Lincoln’s 50,000 Silver $ in Haugan, MT

Spanky Spangler jump off of Original Head Frame mine

Mat Hoffman’s Air Born Thrill Team and Death Defying Daredevils

Circus Una – high wire motorcycle and aerialist act

Bryan Spanky JR. Spangler stunt

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