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Andrew Chen-3sixteen

In December, I got to meet and photograph Andrew Chen, co-owner of 3sixteen jeans a brand made in USA with Japanese denim. They are sold internationally and in his store Self Edge in the Lower East Side in NYC. If you follow his business and see his collaborations you’ll see he perfectly curates, supports other brands and artists, and collaborates with other American Makers to make unique products. See everything they make at or check out his amazing photos of his coffee-drinking, travels, and perfectly styled kids on instagram.

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Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson makes these geometric but realistic looking quilt blocks with the tiniest scraps of fabric you can’t believe can be sewn together. She dyes her own fabric and is making modern quilts that look like none I’ve ever seen before. Where other quilters attempt to make graphic representations like birds or boats or ties and it looks amateur and craftsy she has perfected it. She makes the perfect quilted representation of a shoe or boats, houses, skyscrapers, kites, and stairs. And also, I love her architectural and abstract shapes that look like futuristic sculpture. I got to meet her and her cats in a very unique house in Brooklyn. Check out her work at






Liz Spencer

I took an indigo class with Natural Dyer Liz Spencer where she showed us how to make organic indigo vats with fructose sugar, which I made at home later on and definitely wouldn’t have attempted without her workshop. She also made a fresh leaf indigo and woad ice-bath to dye silk that makes a nice celery green on cotton. I really appreciate meeting her and learning a ton about indigo. I photographed her and her son in Brooklyn, NY in December. Check out her work on her website and follow to find out the next time she does a demo or workshop The Dogwood Dyer and instagram.






Cara Marie Piazza

I found out about Natural Dyer Cara Marie Piazza by googling “natural dyes from trash.” She can turn old dying flowers or food trash into beautiful things. I got to meet and photograph her in December in her unbelievable Brooklyn apartment that has space for a showroom. She does demos, classes, and events with natural dyeing so follow and see her work on her website and tumblr.






Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. I first saw her work at a pop up shop called Sometimes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2013. My friend and I loved all the ceramic items by different female artists showing there, but Monica’s llamas were the most memorable. When I saw there was another pop up happening this December, I got in touch to find out more about her. Her illustrations have been published in Lucky Peach, Rookie Mag, and NY Times but she also translated her drawings into woven blankets for her pop up. Her watercolor drawings have a really polished professional look to them, even when doodling. I’m really impressed by her and lucky to have met her. Check out her work at or follow on Instagram or Tumblr.





Virginia Sin

I met Virginia at the Renegade Craft Fair in November in New York. She has a collection of porcelain ceramics and I love every piece. A macaroni necklace, an ice cream cone, coffee filters, paper plates, and a paper cup with the pop out handle. You can buy her work on her website and see work in progress on instagram I photographed her at her studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.









Butte, Montana- Evil Knievel Days

In June, I went on a five day road trip with my grandpa to visit Butte, Montana for Evil Knievel Days. My great grandpa was born in Butte and his father is buried there. We drove from Portland, OR past some of the dams my grandpa’s dad worked on as a timekeeper. When he worked on the Bonneville Dam his wife stayed in a tent with him next to the dam as it was being built. It was her first pregnancy and when she went into labor, they drove to Portland to give birth to my grandpa. The first night we stayed in Missoula, MT. And then stayed in Butte from Thursday to Sunday. The weather on the drive could look like a huge storm one minute and back to sunny and dry the next. Butte is an old mining town with a giant pit they mined copper from until 1982.

Berkeley Pit – Butte, MT

Montana from the car

Lincoln’s 50,000 Silver $ in Haugan, MT

Spanky Spangler jump off of Original Head Frame mine

Mat Hoffman’s Air Born Thrill Team and Death Defying Daredevils

Circus Una – high wire motorcycle and aerialist act

Bryan Spanky JR. Spangler stunt


I made some drawings of Beyoncé and donated them to the Girls Rock! Rochester, NY art auction at 1975 Gallery. They raise money for a yearly summer camp for young girls to learn to play instruments, write, and perform music.

Ryan & Caleb-Land

Met Ryan And Caleb at their studio in Austin. They have collaborated with all three previous Makers I met: Folk Fibers, Ft. Lonesome, and Forestbound. Their lettering, design, and drawings are so good it seems they could take over if they wanted to. They have done design work for tons of Austin brands and I can’t wait to see everything that comes next.

Check out their work on their website or instagram.

Kathie Sever-Ft . Lonesome

Kathie Sever is a chainstitching embroiderer in Austin with a brand called Ft. Lonesome. I feel that most embroidery looks kind of feminine, but she is able to create uniquely authentic, professional, and industrial looking embroidery that looks great on motorcycle riders, cowboys, and baseball uniforms. I really love her work on denim jackets. Check out her website or see more work on instagram